ExifTool is a powerful tool. It read a lot of images informations. I got the idea from my last plugin, MediaInfoWDX. Using it as template, to create this plugin to connect to ExifTool to pull the informations. After the first info query, ExifTool will be remain in the memory, until TotalCMD is closed. If TotalCMD is closed unexpected, ExifTool will be
need to be ended in Task Manager.

ExifTool can update the tag values, So the incorrect tags can cause the tag value lost.

To read more information about ExifTool, please go to

To download the plugin, please go to





10 Responses to ExifToolWDX

  1. XPEHOPE3KA says:

    Can you please fix non-ANSI name handling? As soon as a filename has e.g. Russian character in it, I get “No file specified” in every WDX field, while in Explorer ExifTool handles the file fine.

  2. XPEHOPE3KA says:

    Seems to work now, thanks!

  3. hahah says:

    Seems .ePub can’t be read,like field “Contributor”,would you help me?
    Many thanks for your time!

    • chaoliu12 says:

      just open wincmd.ini, and look for
      then add EXT=”EPUB” to the end

  4. hahah says:

    Cool,work now,many thanks!

  5. Ed says:

    The DateTimeOriginal returned with the plugin is different from the DateTimeOriginal returned with the command line version of exiftool (it seems as if the plugin adds the time zone).

    thanks for the plugin!

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