PC has no video

Recently, one of the PC had no video.  The fans were running.  It had no beep code.  The first thing I thought it was video card problem.  It’s on board video card.  I added a video card to it.  Not helping, it still had no video.  It’s power supply problem.  Then I brought a power supply tester to test it.  The power supply was fine.  Then, it must be motherboard.  I was lucky, I had a spare motherboard, I thought.  After change the motherboard, I still got the same problem.  I couldn’t think about what’s wrong with it.  Search it from online.  I had done all what were said on the web.  No helping info was found.  I decided to buy a POST testing card.  Tested it with POST card, I found the problem.  It was the memory.

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