Customize the console in Windows 7

Open Regedit and go to

Change these these value
XX are 00 to 15.
Total of 16 palettes.
These numbers are used by ScreenColors, etc.
dword:00000000 is the color in hex, same as in HTML or others.

Xs are hex. One X is match one of the color table.
First X is background color
Last X is foreground color

Instead of colors, other properties are available. All they are dword values.
FaceName is string value

Create a sub key for a console program.
such as
is for Command prompt
is for powershell

These keys is used when open these program from third party programs.
For example, if [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\%SystemRoot%_System32_WindowsPowerShell_v1.0_powershell.exe] key is not created, after open %SystemRoot%_System32_WindowsPowerShell_v1.0_powershell.exe, it has the black background and white fonts. Once the key is customized, the blue background is back.

For powershell, it can be done by code, too.
Remember do a cls to clean the screen.

This may work on XP and other Windows system, too.

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